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     Common mistakes people taking Cordyceps
    AddTime:2009/12/22       HIts:18549

    Common mistakes people taking Cordyceps

    2009-4-6 15:48:37 Source: Internet

    Nourishing traditional Chinese medicine Cordyceps sinensis are valuable precisely because of its expensive, so many of its ordinary consumers know little about, so that taking fixed worm summer grass, he often had some errors, I collect are as follows. 1, less than the amount of "The People's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia" records, Cordyceps daily dose of 3 to 9 grams. Terms of large Cordyceps sinensis, Cordyceps sinensis is about 0.33 grams of each root, that is 9 to 27, if it is a small Cordyceps sinensis, an average of only 0.2 grams of each root, that is 15 ~ 45. Suggested that taking a day of natural Cordyceps 3 to 9 grams, broken or chopped, stewed meat (ducks, chickens, pigs, fish, sheep, cattle, etc.), daily in morning and evening 2 doses, and even eat with the most Cordyceps好. Require continuous take 30 to 180 days, in order to play the role of Cordyceps sinensis and effective conditioning, conditional shall meet as often taking long-term use. If the dose inadequate, as if a small fire water, burning not open, always warm not achieve opsonization. If I had chosen Cordyceps capsule, 1 ~ 3g / day (2 ~ 6), sub-morning and evening twice taking; If I choose to Cordyceps powder, 1 bag / time (1.5g), day two bags. 2, labeled as powder sets swallow capsules, and some consumers to pharmacies to buy Cordyceps sinensis, often watched staff will be labeled as Cordyceps powder re-set into the capsule, take home, this method is in fact not very good. Because natural Cordyceps grows in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau grassland soil excavation, the caterpillar fungus parasitic surface has numerous, can not tell the living micro-organisms living spores and parasites eggs. Commercially available sets of Cordyceps powder into capsules directly labeled swallow, equivalent to directly eat into the surface of parasitic fungus Cordyceps spores and parasites live live egg, very health, the consequences are difficult to predict. 3, open blisters on behalf of the Chahe Cordyceps drink with open blisters, although the powder sets of capsules to swallow than the branded good point, but water can not completely kill the fungal spores and parasites live live egg, the same unsanitary. Cordyceps should be served, or Jianfu stew. In this way, one can be bactericidal, killing eggs; 2 help the body absorb the active ingredients of Cordyceps sinensis. 4, eating potentially toxic Chinese caterpillar fungus, Cordyceps fish in the market, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of non-professionals. "Chinese caterpillar fungus" does not mean Chinese caterpillar fungus, "worms" on the grass grow does not mean that Chinese caterpillar fungus, "worms" puts on "grass", or wear a "grass" more than Cordyceps sinensis, there are many "Chinese caterpillar fungus," such as incense sticks Asian Cordyceps Potentially Toxic suggested that there are reputable and medium-sized Chinese medicine shops to purchase, because the quality of these places to sell the caterpillar fungus has more reliable. When you purchase a one of the best pick-off, do not freeloaders. 4, eating has nothing to do with the Cordyceps fungus products on the market under the banner of the name of fermented Cordyceps sinensis fungal products, a lot, though have their own purpose, but if you want to eat a caterpillar fungus, Cordyceps fungus should pay attention to the name. Recommendation: use the Chinese Association finds that the caterpillar fungus fungi strains - Hirsutella sinensis fermentation products. 5, eating has nothing to do with the Cordyceps fungus products on the market under the banner of the name of Cordyceps sinensis fungal fermentation products a lot, though have their own uses, but if you want to eat Cordyceps sinensis, then they would have paid to the choice of Cordyceps sinensis recognized by the Chinese Association of bacteria fungi kinds - Hirsutella sinensis fermentation products. Taking Cordyceps sinensis is not suitable for people of all tonic, but also not a cure, only treatment and rehabilitation of secondary disease. Therefore, Cordyceps is no substitute for medical treatment, so as not to delay the disease. Recommendations "Huo-wang" people not to take, if we need to take Chinese caterpillar fungus, we recommend reducing the dose, or at the same time taking some "cool" foods or Chinese medicine, because about 10% of the population, after taking Cordyceps would "get angry", stop improved after use. Since the beginning of serious illness were not to take, it is recommended to use the disease recovery. A variety of immune dysfunction, such as Th1 hyperactivity, Th2 lower in patients with other autoimmune diseases should not be taken. Healthy children and adolescents, normal adults is not recommended to take. Pregnant women with caution

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